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Paintings for Sale from Haiti!

In an effort to support Haitian artists and to raise funds for their communities in Haiti, Myriam has brought back paintings for sale. The tourist market in Cap Haitien is still under construction.  A small cluster of shops have been set up nearby in the old police station where vendors can sell art. The Cap Haitien market is a pleasant walk and a wonderful opportunity to chat with local artists and hear their stories.


All these paintings are in excellent shape and have been gessoed prior to painting. The canvas materials vary in color, texture and quality but all appear to be durable. Care has been taken to allow them to acclimate slowly to the temperature and humidity difference. They were all removed from their stretch frames to facilitate transportation and to better protect the paintings.


The money from the sale of these paintings goes to support agricultural projects in Haiti and my sales partner Djenane St Juste’ Haitian dance and culture company Afoutayi in Marin County.


These projects are chosen because they have a high impact value now and will also in the future. The agricultural projects are directed toward food production and/or income generation for small producers. Most producers use their money to put their children in school.


Why a Haitian Dance and Culture Company? Why Afoutayi? At the heart of humanity is culture - the roots of who we are. It is important for young Haitians who have been displaced from their country to have a link to this culture. And if others truly want to support this community, we must also experience and understand Haitian culture. Afoutayi gives local school children and the larger community a chance to experience the joy and history of Haiti. Ayiboyo!!


We offer you the chance to purchase a painting from a Haitian artist. The money directly supports artistic performances and income generating food production projects that purchases school materials and pays teachers in Haiti.  The beneficiary of the project then produces food and money for his family and his kids go to school. What a way to pay it forward!






For more information, please contact:


Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM

(707) 953-0980


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