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There are some things money can’t buy... and there are others that it can!


Money cannot instantly change the course of someone’s life who has been living in poverty for generations. Money carefully invested in creating entrepreneurial opportunities can empower people to change their own lives so that they can achieve self-sustaining prosperity.


DGES, International is working hard to listen to the ways people in Developing Countries want to improve their lives. Most will tell you that they want to be able to feed their families, educate their children and support themselves - Most of the world’s poor are farmers. They till the land and tend their livestock without resources and limited education. They speak but rarely are heard. They accept what they are offered out of politeness and because something is better than nothing. In the end they are still left in great need and must ask or beg for the generic more.


DGES is seeking ways to help people in Developing Countries change their own lives. Our expertise focuses on agriculture but extends far beyond. It may be as simple as an introduction or as complicated as building an industry. Working side by side with the world’s poor and collaborating across all boundaries, DGES will do its best to help people help themselves end world poverty and hunger.


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If there was ever a time to change, that time is now. Be a part of that change.




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