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The Mission of DG Educational Services, known as DGES, is to provide agriculture and nature educational programs to diverse communities, both locally and globally.These programs develop the skills to produce food and to live sustainably while building an understanding of our interconnection with nature.

DGES is located at Devil’s Gulch Ranch in West Marin County, California. DGES offers a Summer Day Camp at Devil's Gulch Ranch which focuses on connecting children with nature and farming. Devil's Gulch Ranch is an actual working agricultural operation that produces meat for high end restaurants and the local farmers market, giving kids and their families a chance to experience food production from the farm, through their local farmer’s market and often into their own kitchens.

At Devil's Gulch Ranch, children have a chance to experience a rural life. The Ranch is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Golden Gate Recreation Area and Samuel P.Taylor State Park. Our world is filled with forests, creeks, meadows and abundant wildlife. Children will connect with nature through recreation, primitive and ancestral crafts and skills, animal care, gardening, free play and other fun outdoor activities.
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We welcome your inquiries at  or call (415) 662-1099.

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